Oxygen Optional 2022 Erg Tournament

Dates: Dec 3


250m 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament

We will be following this bracket progression

Separate brackets for 

  • Junior (U19) Men
  • Junior (U19) Women
  • Master (26+) Men
  • Master (26+) Women
  • Open/Collegiate Men
  • Open/Collegiate Women

Max 8 people per bracket. Brackets may be combined or separated by age, weight class, or experience level.

Event Definitions

  • Youth/Junior: under the age 18 or enrolled in 8th grade through 12th grade.
  • Collegiate: currently enrolled full-time in a college, university, or community college.
  • Master: above the age of 26 or not enrolled in higher education.
  • Novice/Varsity: Novice athletes are in their first year of competitive rowing/training. Collegiate athletes with youth rowing experience and are within their first year as college athlete may compete as collegiate novice.
  • Lightweight: under 165lbs for men, under 135lbs for women


Registration Form


This event is $8 per athlete

Let us know if there is interest in shirts, stickers, or other gear.